How to Sell My House Fast in Detroit, MI

Many homeowners face different challenges throughout their lives, and sometimes, the only solution is to sell their homes. The process of selling a house can be difficult and stressful. Regardless of the situation that you are going through, home buyers are willing to help. 

There are many reasons (or situations) why people need to sell their houses. Some people need to relocate because of a job transfer; others need to sell their homes because they are upgrading. But, not all situations are positive. Some homeowners need to sell their homes because of a job loss or health issues and need fast cash. 

In this blog, we present you with four alternatives to selling your house.  There are many ways to sell a house; the one you choose will depend on your necessities, budget, and availability. Some people manage to sell their houses in short periods of time, but some may need the help of experts to close a deal. 

4 Ways To Sell Your House in Detroit, MI

With The Help Of A Real Estate Agent

If you are trying to sell your house, you immediately think of real estate agents. They are in charge of organizing the transactions and documentation between buyers and sellers. 

Agents are fully aware of every characteristic of the property you are selling and will make sure to take care of every requirement the transaction needs. Agents handle important dates such as inspections and the closing day. Real estate agents are paid on a commission basis. Therefore, they receive a percentage of the sale price of the properties they sell. 

On average, selling a house with the help of a real estate agent can take 65 days or above. This can vary depending on the location of the house.

FSBO – For Sale By Owner 

There are many pros to selling a house on your own. Unlike selling a house with the help of a real estate agent, FSBO means not having to pay the listing agent a commission. Selling a house on your own can be challenging because you are in total control of the important dates and documents. 

Sometimes agents or cash buyers have expertise on topics that common homeowners don’t. Real estate agents are used to making offers and managing counter-offers. They have experience negotiating and can often contribute to helping you make a good deal. FSBO requires a lot of time researching the local real estate market. 

Auction – Traditional and Modern Auctioning 

There are two types of auctions. The traditional auction is selling or buying goods or services by offering them up for bid, later selling them to the highest bidder, or buying the item for the lowest price. 

There is another type of auction, which is the modern method of auction. This method of selling is more flexible than the traditional auction because the buyer can walk away from the purchase without financial loss. Therefore, the seller can’t change the price or change their mind about selling the property. 

Selling To Real Estate Cash Buyers 

One of the benefits of working with home buyers is that they buy your house in “as-is” conditions. This is a benefit you only get from selling your house to home buyers. Home buying companies are a solution if you currently don’t have the time or resources to do improvements. 

Also, if the problem is cleaning, home buying companies do not care if your house has any kind of damage. This includes mold, storm damage, fire damage, or even needs major repairs. 

Another of the main benefits of working home buyers is that the process of selling your house is entirely hassle-free. The process of selling your house to home buyers often consists of a few steps. First, you have to contact them to inspect your property. They research the details, location, and characteristics of your home to make an offer. 

Later, they present you with a fair cash offer, which you have no obligation to accept. If you accept the offer, you can receive your fast cash in less than 7 days.

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Seeing all four different choices gives you an idea of what route to take regarding selling your house.  Working with agents can result in trusting experts to make a deal, but the time frame may be longer than other ways to sell a house. Depending on your needs, you can now make a decision. 

If you are looking for real estate cash buyers in Detroit, Money Team Properties is here to help! 

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